Effective folk remedies for getting rid of parasites

Traditional drugs against parasites have been tested over time, however, they have side effects and contraindications. The use of special foods will cleanse the body.

Folk remedies are often used to eliminate parasites in the human body. However, these treatments are not clinically tested and may lead to side effects. However, even folk remedies will help to remove the parasites from the body that poison human life.

Folk remedies for parasites include eating foods that will help eliminate them from the body, thereby cleaning the intestines. These can include both special foods and chemicals.

Vegetarian food in the process of detoxifying the body from parasites

Should switch to a vegetarian diet weakens the body of the parasite. However, it should be noted that fasting is prohibited, as this will lead to unpleasant digestive disorders. Sanitation of the human body is not allowed to go hungry, otherwise serious complications may appear.

General recommendations

Treatment of a person from parasites involves taking a substance. It will destroy both the parasite itself and the toxins it produces. However, the use of traditional medicine has some side effects, it is possible that this remedy will lose its effect and new medicine must be used.

Side effects during treatment include:

  • the appearance of weakness in the entire body;
  • headache and muscle aches;
  • dizziness.

The appearance of symptoms indicates that removal of the parasite from the body is underway successfully. You should not use pain relievers, as they reduce the effectiveness of folk remedies and inhibit the course of treatment.

To improve your overall health, you should stick to a healthy diet and consume as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Drinking water is needed in large quantities, as it is needed to remove toxins from the human body.

In addition to certain foods, enema can be used to get rid of parasites. The antiparasitic enema can kill the worms and clear the intestines at the same time. These include garlic and oils.

With a weakened body, it is advisable to add a laxative to stool regularly, helping to eliminate parasites.

Weakening the intestines while cleansing the body of the parasite

However, if there is no deterioration then no use is required. The body cleans itself against parasites.

An important point in treatment is to exclude contact with others, as they can become infected through contact with or through water or food. So it is worth getting a personal scarf and cutlery for the patient. Underwear and bedding should be washed separately and then thoroughly warmed with an iron. Regular ventilation is also required.

Strategy for eliminating parasites:

  • destroy parasites;
  • removes residue and dead waste, cleans the intestines;
  • restore intestinal microflora, which has been severely affected by the parasite;
  • increase immunity.


Bees use propolis to seal cracks in the hive. Everyone knows that it has excellent antibacterial and antiseptic properties. When propolis is consumed in the human body, special proteins are formed to trigger the production of antibodies against the parasite. Treatment with propolis is remarkable in that it has no contraindications and side effects. Cleansing the body against worms with propolis is one of the best home remedies.

Treatment with herbs and spices

This treatment is called herbal medicine. Cleansing the body against worms is based on the fact that herbs have a bitter taste and that the bitter taste itself has an anti-parasitic effect.

Sage tree

For treatment against parasites, dried wormwood is used. They are crushed and consumed with sugar or honey. It is applied 2 hours before meals three times a day. Admission time is only 2 days. Then a laxative should be taken. Wormwood has side effects, so overdose can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, lung and heart problems.


Dried flowers are used. One tablespoon of flowers is filled with 500 ml of boiling water. Drink in one tablespoon three times a day. In addition to its anti-parasitic properties, tansy has beneficial substances. It should be noted that the use of tansy infusion during pregnancy is contraindicated.


ginger to remove parasites from the body

Ginger is widely known as a spice. In addition, the beneficial substances improve digestion, are used for viral illnesses and colds, headaches. In order to remove the parasite from the body, ginger root must be added to the salad. Don't overdo it, as the flavor of the salad can change a lot.

For treatment, dried ginger is also used, added to milk or water. It is applied in the morning for a week.

Plants with anti-parasitic effects include black grilled cloves, coriander, and nettle. A mixture of dandelion or pineapple has a wonderful effect.

Garlic and onions

Cleansing the body with these products is as effective as possible. Using them in their pure form, you can avoid the appearance of parasites in the body and get rid of existing parasites. If their use is not pleasant, then you can make a salad, add a large amount to regular foods.

Pumpkin seeds

It is worth knowing that adults are not recommended to consume more than 500 grams of pumpkin seeds per day. Pumpkin seed oil has a great effect. In addition to cleaning the human body from parasites, it can improve the general condition, enhance regeneration and recovery. Pumpkin seed oil is applied one tablespoon half an hour before each meal.

Cognac-castor blend

The advantage of this method is the fact that there are practically no side effects. Since cognac is one of the ingredients, its use is prohibited for children, pregnant women and alcoholics. After mixing 50 grams of cognac and oil, this mixture is taken in the morning before a meal.

Cognac and castor oil to remove parasites from the body

If single use is ineffective, repeat use until completely clear body. The mechanism is that alcohol paralyzes the parasites, and the oil acts as a laxative and speeds up the escape of the worms from the body. Cleaning against the parasite by this method is approved even by specialist doctors.


Using citrus fruit for treatment, you can achieve good results. Their shells have an alkaline environment, which reduces the live activity of the parasites. One side effect of using the product is a severe allergic reaction. For cleansing the body against parasites, dry or fresh peel is eaten in the morning one hour before meals. Wash fruit thoroughly before using. You can also use concentrated juice, seed powder. All of these products have excellent anti-parasitic properties.


Folk remedies from microorganisms not only kill parasites but also restore the intestinal microflora, fight malignant tumors in the large intestine. After using the enema, you should limit going to the bathroom for a while. This is necessary to inactivate the parasites and their toxins. An unpleasant sensation such as itching or burning may occur. They will disappear over time.

Alternative treatment recommends using garlic enema, flaxseed oil and tea tree oil to cleanse the human body. Melasma is done before going to bed, if the treatment is ineffective, it should be done alternately.

Treatment with folk remedies against parasites is an effective, time-tested method. You can purify your body with the foods we use every day for cooking. These foods include garlic, onions, citrus fruits and ginger. The most effective remedy that can cleanse the body is pumpkins, especially the seeds and oils from them.