How to determine the presence of parasites in the body

Parasites use nutrients in your body.parasites in the human bodyInfections are not easy to detect because the symptoms are so typical they can be attributed to any disease. The most common parasites in humans are pinworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. Humans are the host, providing food for the parasite. The parasite is quite dangerous. They can even cause various damage to the host's parenchymal organs, which is associated with bacterial infection. It is very important to diagnose the type of parasite, as treatments and methods of removing the parasite from the human body depend on it. Here are the most common types of parasites.


Each type of parasite has slightly different symptoms. First, let's deal with roundworms. You can see their presence on the chair. Symptoms of ringworm infection are really subtle and can include indigestion, abdominal pain, agitation, nighttime anxiety, and sometimes dizziness. Home remedies for parasites include drinking sauerkraut or carrot juice. Drink a glass of this juice on an empty stomach, this is very important. If this does not help, you should buy an antihistamine at any pharmacy.


Tapeworms increase the host's appetite. So people infected with this parasite have an appetite but no weight gain, which is the most common sign of a tapeworm infection. In addition, abdominal pain and diarrhea can also be a frequent symptom. Watch your stool, as you may see tapeworms in it. Tapeworms stick to the lining of the colon and are difficult to get rid of with home remedies. To get rid of tapeworms, see your doctor.


Pinworms are relatively easy to spot because they cause itching in the anus. These parasites are most commonly found in preschool children. Infection occurs after eating food containing pinworm eggs. They pass through the intestines into the anus, where they lay eggs. Brushing can make the infection worse. You can try to get rid of pinworms by drinking sauerkraut juice on an empty stomach, pumpkin seeds or garlic. All of these foods are unpleasant for children, so medication may be the only effective remedy. Pinworms die when you use warm soapy water. Good hygiene can be the best way to get rid of parasites.