Worms: 10 ways of infection and treatment options

How to remove parasites from the human body with tablets - quickly, without harm and effectively? This is an urgent problem not only in the treatment of helminthiasis in children. The problem of parasitic infection is relevant to an adult that needs to be treated as effectively as a child.

a woman with symptoms of a parasitic infection

How does the infection take place?

Familiar from childhood, the rule of washing hands before eating is not the only warning about a dangerous source of infection. Dirty fingers and palms are the fastest way for worms to enter the body, so special attention is needed. The mechanism of infection of helminths into the body has been thoroughly studied by medicine, so a civilized person needs to know about other potential sources of risk:

  • pets - the larvae of the parasite are not only found in feces that fall to the ground, but then enter the human body through dirty hands. They lie on wool, and when everyone's favorite pet moves freely around the house, sleeping on sofas and beds, like a member of the family, they will accidentally leave worm eggs on carpets, toys. , things. The danger lies in the fact that the viability of larvae, for example, roundworms, if not settled in a favorable environment, is up to 6 months. Therefore, having a cat or dog in the house, parents and children must drink anti-parasitic drugs for humans;
  • vegetables, fruits, herbs - freshly picked from the garden, displayed on store shelves, markets, on the surface may be contaminated with helminthic soil;
  • private and public toilets - visiting toilets requires thorough hand washing after performing necessary procedures;
  • vegetable gardens, summer cottages, fields, children's sandboxes are the main source of spread of roundworms (pinworms and roundworms), for the treatment of pharmaceuticals that provide pills against parasites such as Pirantel, Levamisole, Mebendazole and others.
  • fresh meat and fish - contamination occurs due to improper or insufficient heat treatment of these products;
  • drinking water from unpleasant sources;
  • swimming in water near grazing areas;
  • flies and other insects carry parasitic larvae on their feet.

Medical practice shows that the peak of helminth infestation occurs in spring and autumn, so at this time, every home medicine cabinet should have anti-parasitic pills in the human body. .

Parasites can be caused by animals

Knowledge of the origin and habitat of helminths suggests that favorable climatic conditions are necessary for the development of parasites. But infection can happen anywhere in the world, even in the eternal cold of Antarctica, if you eat an unwashed apple shipped from the Big Earth.

Remedies for parasites in the human body: tablets and principles of treatment

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO) every year, helminth infections affect more than 1. 2 billion people and about 4. 3 billion people are permanently infected. hookworm infection, roundworm. At the same time, the high infection rate is a key factor in the rapid spread of the disease.

At first glance, "childish" problems have quite "adult" consequences. The disease affects the physical and emotional development of children and the well-being of adults. Worms, parasites in the body and disrupt the normal functioning of the body, weaken the immune system, make the patient sluggish, reduce working capacity and resistance to somatic diseases.

This annoying "neighborhood" causes constant newsletters that affect productivity. Hard to believe, but helminths are ranked 4th in the list of diseases that are "culprits" that cause economic damage.

Therefore, modern scientific medicine and pharmaceuticals have been tasked with finding effective pills for parasites in the body of children and adults, so that intestinal worm disease does not become the pandemic of the century. new.

The main principle of action of the drug is to act on parasites in the form of blocking their muscular and digestive systems by inhibiting the function of glucose metabolism in the cells of the worms.

Initiating deworming treatment before diagnostic measures are taken will help determine the type of worm and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What pills do parasitologists recommend?

Types of worms A kind of medicine Act Contraindications
Roundworms (pinworms, roundworms) Albendazole, Pirantel, Mebendazole, Levamisole Has the effect of paralyzing adult worms and completely dissolving their remnants Pregnant women should not drink, a day before drinking alcohol, can cause diarrhea, toxic to kidneys and liver.
Tape (cow and pig tapeworms, echinococcus, broad tapeworm)

Flat (opisthorchs)

Praziquantel, Niclosamide They affect adults, larvae and eggs, paralyzing their activity.

Decomposition products of helminths cause severe toxicity to the body, therefore, therapy is most often carried out in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor.

The drug is highly toxic, so it can cause complications on the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract.

During the eradication of helminths and the rehabilitation period, supportive immunotherapy is required.

Traditional antiparasitic drugs or alternatives: which is better?

When the patient decides to take drugs, he must understand that the ingredients of such drugs are unnatural substances obtained by chemical synthesis. Therefore, they cannot be completely harmless, which the drug instructions will certainly indicate in the form of contraindications.

Economical and safe for the body, including pregnant women and children, are folk recipes, which include natural products - garlic, onions, pumpkin, potatoes, walnutsand other types. However, compared to tablets intended for human parasites, they require a longer preparation time and duration of use.

Taking into account the wishes of patients who want to get rid of helminths quickly and safely, special antiparasitic dietary supplements have been developed that combine the results of the drug and the harmlessness of the drugs. natural ingredients.

For the treatment of parasites in the human body, tablets are presented in the form of a dietary supplement, which not only allows complete cleansing of the body of unwanted "guests". The special composition of the product becomes a reliable protection for organs and body systems from the penetration of worms. Therefore, therapy is at the same time preventive, which allows you to create an unfavorable environment for the entry and development of worms.

Functional foods have practically no contraindications, except for individual intolerance of the components, they have a pleasant taste and are easy to use. This makes them a worthy alternative to traditional medicines, allowing you to solve the problem of "inconvenience" quickly and easily.